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The map below shows  a Satellite view of cities in france and the main roads, with markers showing Quillan (B marker) and Carcassone(A marker). Click on the map for Google map directions to Quillan.

Directions from Carcassone Airport to Quillan about 50 min drive

Directions from Barcelona airport  276 km – about 3 hours 16 mins

Directions from Girona 177 km – about 2 hours 17 mins

Directions from Perpignan 69.6 km – about 1 hour 12 mins

Directions from Toulouse 139 km – about 1 hour 51 mins

Maps of Quillan

Aerial Map of Carcassonne Airport

Carcassonne to Quillan directions

1. There are two exits from Carcassonne airport if you exit from the car rental area you  exit on to a roundabout in which case you take the 3rd exit off the roundabout ( you are then on the D119/Route de Montreal. If you do not leave directly on to a roundabout you take a right on to the  D119/Route de Montreal. Then at the first roundabout take the 4th forth exit which brings you down the opposite site of the D119/Route de Montreal that you have just travelled to the roundabout along.

2.Then take a turn Right  after 02 miles onto Rocade Ouest (N161).
3.  Stay on for 1.49 miles.When you come to the z roundabout take the 3rd exit for Route de Limoux (D118).
4. Follow the signs for  Limoux  stay on the D118.
5. After  Limoux follow the signs for Quillan.

6. When you reach Quillan you will pass EDs Supper market on the Left hand side then Logical furniture store.  (you are on Avenue Francois Mitterrand)

7.You pass a set of traffic lights continue straight ahead for a short distance to the 2nd set of traff